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School Projects

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Online Candy Store/E-Commerce (Not a real site)

Week 1 - Web/436 Instructions (Individual Assignment)

Review HTML5 Projects: Engaging Ecommerce with Joseph Lowery, on®.
Using the Roux Academy Store as an example, use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript® to build an online candy store that sells at least eight candy-based products. Create a price slider and the ability to note favorites.

Desktop Version

Week 2 - Web/436 Instructions (Individual Assignment)

Review the online candy store you developed in Week One. Consider the changes you would need to make to create a mobile version of the e-commerce website.
Build the mobile version of the e-commerce website.

Mobile Version

Week 3 - Web/436 Instructions (Individual Assignment)

Build an application using an Adobe® PhoneGap™ (Apache Cordova™) mobile application toolkit for the online candy store you worked on in Weeks One and Two.
Your program should do the following: Access mobile information as part of the application's functionality.

Scannable 2D Code

Week 5 - Web/436 Instructions (Team Assignment)

Web/436 Team A Members (Brad Jackson, Bretton Holman, Teresa Meerschaert, Vincent Ferrara, Zayd'ah Payton)

Select one team member's mobile app.

Using the Facebook® Mobile Web Tutorial, located at,

launch social integration in the app.

Mobile App

Analytical Skills

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